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Nicholas Chin

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Junior Web Developer, November, 2021 - Current

Started as an Intern Software Developer at Lawyer.com on November 1st 2021. Three months later was promoted from Intern to Junior. I currently work on the backend developing and updating features for our business tool users.

Natural Wellness Institute's Logo

Natural Wellness Center

Web Developer, August 2019 to February 2021

Formerly known as NaturalWellnessNJ.com is a responsive website, built for Dr, Yinghua Wu using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. After a few consultations, we decided that the goal for the website is to show potential clients how acupuncture and natural herbs can help heal and overall make them feel well. Every month, I update the reviews and monitor site analytics.

PM General Painting's Logo

PM General Painting

Web Developer, March 2018 to February 2019

Formerly known as PMGeneralPainting.com is a responsive website, built for Pedro Mora using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Pedro is a painter in Rahway, NJ, who looked to me to create him a website. He wanted a site that could attract potential clients to his company. He advertises himself as a well-rounded painter with 18 years of experience. His team guarantees clean and professional work. He will do any size paint job, whether it's interior or exterior.

Federal Reserve of New York's Logo

Federal Reserve Bank - National IT

Data Analyst Intern, August 2018 to May 2019

My team supports National IT by performing data analysis, predictive analysis, data quality analysis, as well as creating and running interactive reports. Based on the reports and data analyzed, we offer recommendations on business decisions.

Listed were my responsibilities:

  • Completed weekly and monthly production reports, tracking key performance indicators for applications to internal cloud platforms, using Excel and Tableau for IT managers and executives
  • Automated reports by integrating Tableau and MS SQL Server data, which were done manually
  • Consulted with IT managers to develop reporting that collects business requirements
  • Pulled data from SQL server to find and reconcile discrepancies
  • Participate in team scrum meetings as a team member and scrum master (rotational)
  • Validated applications for chargeback initiative to ensure accurate transactions
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Logistics Team Member, since August 2017

My team supports Target by picking and shipping customer's web orders. I learned how to communicate with customers, answering and helping guests with inquiries.

Rutgers logo

Rutgers University - New Brunswick

B.A. Information Technology and Informatics
September 2012 to May 2017

At Rutgers, I majored in Information Technology and minored in Mathematics. The classes I took for my major are Information Visualization, Web Design, Electronic Commerce, Network and Internet Technology, Retrieving and Evaluating Electronic Information, Object-Oriented Programming, and Management of Technological Organizations. I enjoyed the problem-solving elements of the classes. I also enjoyed the building aspects of creating websites and programs.

Projects I've worked on

Ping Pong Score Keeper

January 2021

Image of ping pong paddle
Ping Pong Score Keeper

0 to 0

Use the buttons below to keep score

Ping Pong Score Keeper demonstrates my understanding of basic JavaScript. To make the score keeper, I used the Document Object Model (DOM) lessons from Colt Steele's Web Developer Bootcamp, where I learned about Eventlisteners to add or remove styles to my objects.

Museum of Candy

October 2020

Museum Of Candy Website

Museum of Candy is a website that demonstrates my understanding of Bootstrap 4.1.3. Bootstrap is a cool framework where you can use their built-in classes to style html elements

Flash Animation

May 2017

image of flash animation

The final project for Information Visualization. The purpose of the assignment was to create an animated résumé using Adobe Animate. I've learned key concepts of animation and I gained an understanding of how animations are created. Feel free to download my project and go through it to learn more about me. Make sure you have adobe flash player installed on your computer.

GameR | Web Design Group Project

December 2016

GameR Website

GameR is a group website where my team had to decide on our site's topic. Each member had the responsibility to create a single page of the site, using all of the techniques we learned in class and ensuring our themes are uniform. To create this website we used Bootstrap, jQuery, and Javascript. For the Review Page, I created buttons that would show the review of Battlefield 1 and Destiny. I also used buttons that showed pictures from each games' respective subreddits.

Recreation of Rutgers
School of Communication & Information Website

October 2016

Recreated School of Communication and Information Website

This project demonstrates my understanding of Bootstrap by recreating Rutgers School of Communication and Information's website.